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Mark Mirkovich

Who is Mark Mirkovich?

  • A husband and father
  • A businessman and author
  • A son, brother, and friend
  • A man unafraid to cry
  • A believer in people
  • Someone who "graduated" from Corporate America
  • Someone who started a new career in his 40's
  • A leader by example
  • A man who believes that men should be better role models for children
  • A man who believes that men should be better role models for other men
  • A proven leader in sales and business
  • A coach, speaker, and motivator

         Mark Mirkovich has spent the last 25 years working in corporate settings where he has had the privilege to work with incredible teams, both large and small.  Mark  has held positions in executive management with organizations such as Micros, Oracle , AT&T, Cingular, and Costco,  and has led teams and individuals to recognize their power and capture their success!  He left corporate America in late 2015 to pursue his passion of helping others find more fulfillment in their lives, both personally and professionally.            

          In 2016, Mark studied with Success Coach and Author Jack Canfield and was certified as a coach and trainer in his Success Principles.  In 2017 Mark received his certification in the Barrett Values Centre's Cultural Transition Tools (CTT), and now serves as a practitioner supporting leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement.

          In Mark's latest book Capture Your Power in Sales and Business (due out in the spring of 2018), he offers insights and guidance to sales and business professionals on how to implement tools to become and stay successful.  Mark is supported by his wife Julia Hayes Mirkovich who is an author, success and life coach, entrepreneur, and spiritual leader.  Mark and Julia run a number of businesses in Southern California where they live with their two sons, Jonah and Jett.

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