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Capture Your Power™|personal values assessment (pva)



Find out what is important to you by taking a free Capture Your Power™ Personal Values Assessment (PVA).


Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions, are all connected to your personal values.

Your values reflect what is important to you. They are a shorthand way of describing your motivations. Together with your beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive your decision-making.

The Personal Values Assessment is a simple survey that takes just a few minutes of your time and provides a wealth of information about why you do what you do.







Once you complete your Capture Your Power™ Personal Values Assessment (PVA), an email will be sent to you with the email you provided containing your results. Look at your results and read the report.


If you have questions or want to learn more about your values, contact Mark at to schedule a free 30 minute values consultation session.



Take the FREE assessment to discover and explore your top 10 values.

The Capture Your Power™ personal values assessment (PVA) is a FREE online and powerful introductory tool offered by Capture Your Power™ and it allows you begin to make the intangible, tangible by discovering your top 10 values and how to leverage your values to create the life you most desire.

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