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Mark offers workshops designed to assist groups with recognizing and capturing their own power.  These workshops are intended to provide tools and techniques which audience members can use daily to enhance their life and capture all that they desire.  Workshops are experiential and incredibly impactful, and typically are conducted in 1/2 day, 1 day, or multiple days based upon client objectives.  Workshops can be tailored to small groups or large groups.  Contact Mark today to inquire about a workshop for your team, your organization, or your small group of friends.  Workshops are based on the Success Principles from Jack Canfield and the Canfield Methodology, and include additional exercises created through the arts to enhance the overall experience.  

“Mark introduces tools which my team and I can use daily to recognize more results. He is so easy to listen to as he combines story telling with humor and effectively delivers impactful messages.  He is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever seen!”

Tiffany Hodgson, Owner- Hodgson Chevrolet

Looking for a Keynote speaker? Invite Mark to participate in your next conference or group event.  He can work with you to customize your intended message and deliver it with enthusiasm and passion. Marks ability to engage with your audience will leave them excited and motivated to take action!

Keynote topic examples (30 minutes - 2 hours)
  • Goal Setting and Taking Action
    • Visualization, Affirmation, Breakthrough Goals vs Process Goals, The Power of Thought​
  • Success Training
    • Taking 100% Responsibility, Accountability, Cleaning Up Your Messes, Healthy Habits of Everyday Superstars​
  • Presentation Skills
    • How to Speak Like A Pro, Overcoming Fear and Nerves, Be Prepared, Engaging Your Audience​
  • Sales / Business Success
    • Everyone is in Sales, How to Approach Your Market, Habits of Overachievers, Lead with Intention, Living in Gratitude, Trust Building​
  • Inspirational
    • Courage to Live, Living Your Passion,  Being of Service, Finding Your Voice Amongst the Masses, The Choice of Perspective 
  • Leadership Development
    • Values Based Leadership, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Starting with the Why
To customize a keynote for your audience, please contact Mark to discuss your objectives and goals for the event.  We are happy to collaborate with you on a unique and impactful message.
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